Athlete Management

Athlete Management

Our focus is to maximise our client’s performance within their sport, but also to unlock their potential outside of it. We believe that if we can add to a client’s performance and manage the inevitable curves that they will experience as a professional athlete, that this will significantly take care of matters off the field, off the course or off the court. 

The name Sigmoid Sports originates from the sigmoid curve. The sigmoid curve is simply described as a representation of time and activity and relates to most life cycles. We have integrated this concept into the services we offer for athlete management, recognising the importance of navigating the different phases and challenges that arise throughout their careers.

How A Sportspersons Career Unfolds


Following early success, an athlete is introduced to a wider audience at professional level and they start to gain international recognition. During this phase, Sigmoid Sports plans to provide a unique service which will be aimed at connecting and working with the athlete on their performance, as well as providing the traditional services of representation, contract negotiation and logistical planning during this stage.


A sharp growth will be experienced by an athlete when they start to perform and win titles, and as a result of this they will attract more attention to themselves in terms of their public following, media demands and sponsorship enquiries – all of which will result in the growing of their brand. During this phase, Sigmoid Sports will offer services to deal with expectations as well as sponsorships, commercial brand partnerships and media management.


It is inevitable that an athlete will eventually hit a maturity phase where their rapid growth will start to slow down because of various different factors – this is a key phase in an athlete’s career. During this phase, Sigmoid Sports will offer transitional planning services to begin helping the athlete plan for their transition into life after sport i.e. long-term career planning and skill set development outside sport.


Eventually, an athlete will retire from their respective sport and begin their “new” life, which they will have prepared for during the maturity stage of their career. Throughout the entirety of an athlete’s career, Sigmoid Sports will offer their support in all necessary areas and our service will always be available to clients as they move into life after sport i.e. financial and emotional support.

The Sigmoid Curve

The normal pattern for most people, athletes and businesses is a single curve that rises as they approach middle age or the middle of their career and then sharply falls off towards retirement (Point B below). What the sigmoid suggests, and what we have adapted into our vision at Sigmoid Sports, is to start a new curve whilst the first one is still rising. At the beginning of our client’s maturity phase (Point A below), we will help them start to plan for their next venture. This will be at different times in each of our clients careers and will involve a different process for each client as they will each have their own personal interests and ideas.

In life, everyone experiences a series of overlapping curves, whether they realise this or not. It is inevitable that nothing persists forever and at Sigmoid Sports we have adapted this theory into our framework.

Sigmoid Sports’ clients will receive a personalised service whereby they can decide exactly what they want from the company. However, our genuine interest in each of our client’s, and particularly in their performance, is what makes the offering at Sigmoid Sports unique. 

“Sports management companies seeking to acquire young talented athletes is a given, however at Sigmoid Sports we plan on looking beneath that and seek to work with good people along with their exceptional sporting abilities.”

– Rob Browne, Co-Founder & Managing Director.

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