Sigmoid Sports Academy

Sigmoid Sports Academy

The Sigmoid Sports Academy will begin by offering clients the opportunity to improve their golfing ability and hone in their skills in the perfect performance climate. The focus of our academies will be to offer our clients a unique coaching experience where they will have the opportunity to significantly improve their game, to either create or stay on an upward curve.

The experience at a Sigmoid Sports Academy is not in line with mainstream coaching practices seen around the world today, and perhaps is not for everyone.

These academies will be headed by Sigmoid Sports partner, David Kearney, who will bring his 20 year high performance experience with the Irish Ladies Golfing Union to these unique five day camps where students will enjoy a 1 to 4 coach to player ratio, with a maximum of 8 players per group. Unlike other named academies, David will be coaching players for the duration of the five days. David’s academies are based on individual’s learning about how to lead their own programs and progressions.

Whilst some technology may be involved, David’s five-day camps go into the heart of performance and play. Over his 25 years’ experience in this space, David has come to learn that many issues related in the adolescents progression are complex. These issues may not just be that the child has “poor technique” or “poor numbers”. These academies will take a deeper dive into the motivation of the student, the inclusion of the parent and the home coach in a more structured and process based environment which leads to the player learning to become their own manager. This in turn, leads to the player becoming by and large motivated from within, and aligning their level of work and commitment to their desired outcomes.

The Sigmoid Sports Academy will begin by offering Junior Camps. These camps have been created for junior golfers of any standard (with a golf handicap) who are aged 11/12 years plus and want to improve their golf. There will be both individual girls and boys camps, as we feel learning styles and needs are different, and these will be run over five days.

As with the Sigmoid Sports framework of future planning and prolonging an individual’s upward curve, following the completion of a camp, clients will have the unique opportunity to keep in contact with their coach via email, in order to ask any questions and gain some feedback on their progress. This will be included in the overall price.

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