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Sigmoid Sports Events is dedicated to curating a diverse range of premium, tailor-made events for our esteemed business partners and clients. With unrivaled access to industry experts, sports psychologists, professional athletes, and captivating speakers, we possess the capability to design extraordinary sporting and corporate experiences. Our utmost priority is to collaborate closely with our clients and partners, ensuring that we cater to their every requirement and deliver a seamless end-to-end process.

Under the guidance of David Kearney, a co-founder of Sigmoid Sports, our workshop offerings are meticulously planned and expertly delivered. We have assembled a team of seasoned clinical psychologists and industry experts who contribute their invaluable insights. These workshops can be structured as full-day sessions for client groups or as 90-minute breakfast/lunchtime presentations, depending on the client’s preferences and needs, ensuring maximum impact. Additionally, we offer the convenience of Zoom workshops to accommodate virtual engagements.

Sigmoid Sports is privileged to provide unique events featuring captivating interviews with esteemed professional athletes, facilitated by David Kearney, on carefully chosen topics. These personalised events have garnered tremendous success in multiple countries, including the USA, Ireland, and Finland.

To learn more about our event offerings, workshops, and to make athlete bookings, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at We look forward to assisting you and providing further details on how we can create exceptional experiences tailored to your specific needs.

Sigmoid Sports Events

The Athletic Development of a Female Golfer

Sharon Morris and David Kearney will use over 20 years of practical and academic experience to deliver this workshop. The varying stages of growth and development and how they are manifested from a performance perspective offer attendees a unique view on the physical development of a female golfer and the challenges and opportunities that lie in this space. 

The High Performance Coaching Environment

Donal Scott and David Kearney combine to present a memorable day of learning for PGA professionals and federations. Focussing on the collection of data and the careful monitoring and usage of this data, the two speakers provide an interactive day which deals with the performance environment for elite golfers. The course is a combination of indoor and outdoor work, so again participants are encouraged to bring their clubs. 

Wellness in the Workplace

Dr. Paul Gaffney and David Kearney present an interactive workshop bespoke to your company. A large part of this workshop is the advance preparation in understanding the current space occupied, the culture that surrounds the company/organisation and the challenges that impinge employers and employees from occupying a truly satisfying work experience.

Preparing for Exams - The High Performance Approach

Adolescents and their parents can find exam time stressful to say the least. In this evening workshop, Dr. Paul Gaffney and David Kearney take a look at the preparation, execution and review of an examination cycle combining the High Performance Sporting process with psychological best practice.

The 10 Commandments of Coaching

This one day workshop is designed for PGA coaches and National Federations and covers 10 issues designed to have an immediate impact on the coaches productivity, performance and output. The session includes both indoor and outdoor elements and attendees are encouraged to bring their clubs as the day is very interactive. This workshop is designed and delivered by David Kearney.

The Golfing Buddha

David Kearney will explore how sport and Buddhism connect and how players, coaches and parents can benefit from this relationship. This unique workshop with David links the ancient words of Buddhism to modern day performance in sport and provides delegates with opportunity for learning, reflection and practices that will not only help their students, but also their colleagues and themselves. 

The Parent-Child Relationship in Sport

In this workshop, Sports Institute lead Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Paul Gaffney, and David Kearney look at this, perhaps the most important of relationships, from both sides. In this workshop, the needs of both parties, roles and responsibilities are discussed leaving participants with a clear road map to navigate this period effectively.

Event Speakers

David Kearney

David Kearney

David, a 28 year PGA pro and performance lead for Irish Ladies golf, has visited over 70 countries and has coached or talked in 35 of these countries on all matters, ranging from junior development to high performance programs to establishing coach education programs. An author, teacher, public speaker.

Sharon Morris

Sharon Morris

Sharon has a wide range of experience having worked in the Irish, English and Australian health services both in a private and public space. She has worked as a private practitioner in Galway City Physiotherapy since 2000 and runs the clinic; she is also an approved high performance therapist. 

Dr. Paul Gaffney

Dr. Paul Gaffney

Paul is Lead Consultant in High Performance Sport Clinical Psychology at Sport Ireland Institute and has delivered specialist mental health training internationally as a Consultant Tutor with the Association for Psychological Therapies for 17 years, while he also tutors psychologists at Trinity College Dublin.

Donal Scott

Donal Scott

 Donal Scott is a PGA Professional and High Performance coach based in Dublin, Ireland. A strong passion for coaching at every level of the game and over ten years of experience makes him one of Ireland’s foremost golf coaches. He is currently the national golf coach for the Irish Women’s Team.

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