This is the Sustainability notice of Sigmoid Sports and will form the basis of various policies implemented in soon to be companies – Sigmoid Apparel and Sigmoid HQ. In this document, “we”, “our”, or “us” refer to Sigmoid Sports.

Our Impact

The reason behind setting up the group of Sigmoid companies was to create vehicles that are built around our passion for adding value to the performance and wellbeing of our clients, both on and off their respective playing fields.

Our People

The athletes that we work with are at the centre of everything that we do. 

With Sigmoid Sports, our plan is to maintain a 50:50 split male:female athletes and to work with a maximum of six athletes at any one time. We believe this is our “sweet spot” number of athletes whereby, if we can maximise our relationship with each of the athletes, that we can manage six of the best athletes in the world across various sports. 

The athletes are at the centre of Sigmoid Apparel and this is one of the key differentiators of the performance clothing brand. Creating an inclusive and open culture will be key to the success of this company as we are fortunate to have expertise across a number of areas and different sports. 

Similarly, with our staffing across the Sigmoid companies, we want to create a 50:50 split male:female once we are in a position to do so. This will not only help us in achieving our diversification goals but will also be vital in the success of all three companies. We will be offering a safe working environment that will ensure each team member will always be treated equally with dignity and respect.

Our Services

Although traditional sports management companies might be associated with travelling all over the world to meet clients whilst racking up thousands of air miles, a lot of our work with the athletes at Sigmoid Sports is done virtually. Having set up the company during the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have found this has worked well for us even with athletes living in the USA, England and Ireland. It has also proven to be a lot more environmentally friendly. 

Once our Events and Academy offering gains momentum, we will be taking all measures to ensure that these will be planned and executed as sustainably as possible – in terms of the locations where they are held, all the materials used and the team of staff employed. 

At Sigmoid Apparel, we care about how the products are made, and are proud to have found a factory with strong ethical structures in place so that we can be confident in making amazing pieces for customers. At the moment, we only work with one factory. However, we have future intentions to work with a number of different factories, depending on what we’re making, and how it’s made. We recognise our responsibility to the people involved in the production of our garments. We know a company can’t be sustainable without being ethical too, and we care deeply about the ethics of our supply chain. The factory that we have started to work with has been audited by SEDEX. The SEDEX audit is based on site visits, policy reviews and interviews with the teams. It focuses on health and safety, labour, environment, and business ethics. The factory is also certified by BSCI Quality Management Systems and holds all required certificates. All product packaging, product labels etc are made from recycled materials, and as we expand we hope to be able to use recycled materials for all of our products. 

A main priority of ours from the first concept meeting about Sigmoid HQ was to act as sustainably as possible and be as environmentally conscious as we can throughout the whole process – from where we hold the meetings to the initial planning process to the electrical usage to the type of lighting and materials we use in the build out. As our concept turns into a reality, we intend to continuously consult with industry experts in order to minimise our environmental impact and wastage from the start.

Our Governance 

We work closely with industry leaders in the areas of business advisory, corporate structuring and taxation. We meet with our advisors on a monthly basis to maintain our strong business ethics, management structure and to discuss future plans and policy making.